43 Feet Marquis

Half Day - $1,795 | Full Day - $2,295
  43 feet
  2 bedrooms
  1 bathroom

Marquis boasts are an exclusive class of sports and luxury yachts. Established in 1954 at Pulaski Wisconsin, Marquis has specialized in a beautiful material to construct these executive vessels with Italian leather furnishings from Calia Italia and Brazilian Cherry.  They manufacture them themselves including original tooling, molding, plumbing and electrical installation ensuring quality and control over timeframes. The foundation of Marquis Brand is elevated in the United States due to the outstanding technique by Nuvolari-Lenard Naval Architecture who is a well-known yacht designer in Venice, Italy. Marquis has ten models ranging from 42 feet to 72 feet.  The 43” Marquis is not an exception. This top-notch boat has brought out the new feel of what superfluity means. We at Start Point Exotics are privileged to have the 43 feet Marquis as one of the best-chartered vessels here in Miami, Florida.

43 feet Marquis has features that are stylish and way above within its class of yachts. The motor type boat has a bench-style backrest helm chair at the corner moldings. There is a sunroof of 6’6 and 11’3 rectangle letting in the sunlight at the top. The doors are bi-folding with firm angles. Other features include two bedrooms and a bathroom.  In this yacht, you will enjoy catering services with food prepared by a professional chef as you enjoy music from the DVD player or watching TV. It is fitted with the current air condition and excellent sound system all around. From the seating area, you can have a magnificent view of the sea as you enjoy the soft drinks or other drinks served at the bar. The state of art cockpit has a sliding transom bulkhead. Just press the button, and the whole of the aft slides back expanding the usable area by 18 inches. This also increases the swim platform with a teak overhang sticking out like a mini pirates plank. Amazingly about 20 feet of the platform can roll back at the rear. 

Renting a yacht in Miami Beach is easy and smooth, but one needs to know the vessel to hire for extensive experience. 43 feet Marquis has a maximum capacity of 12 passengers, and a captain who is knowledgeable about the best water activities. These water activities include parties, skiing, snookering, exotic sea exploration, and other special events. On special request, an addition of small floatation devices and other accessories are provided at no added cost. If you need to cruise the Southern Florida beaches, 43” Marquis is your perfect choice. Contact us for more information and reservation about this yacht.