Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Miami Beach

Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Miami

This day is observed on the third Monday of January each year.  Therefore, it is easy to plan for it way ahead.  On this day join the parade along the street routes and later the celebration at Martin Luther King Jr, Memorial Park in Miami. On this day there is much activity of school bands, union leaders, politician, floats, cars, athletes, and cheerleaders on foot among others. If you are visiting here, hire an exotic or luxury car from Start Point Exotics to tour around and watch or participate in this fun.   

The peace Icon

Martin Luther King Jr. peaceful activism in the protection of civil rights message is felt all over the world. The reason Miami memorial park receives thousands of visitors on this day. There are colorful dances and music performance by the revelers. Once they arrive at the park people can enjoy the food and more activities including children activities.  These events do not only happen on this day alone but continue for several days in his memory. At the City of Miami Gardens, the Mayor Oliver Gilbert will host a day in honor of education, fun for the Miami Gardens, community resource information, bounce houses for children and live entertainment.

This is a time to learn. The Oscar-nominated drama that focusses on the fight for suffrage in 1965 in Alabama will be shown in all movie theatres throughout Miami. It captures how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers pressed ahead on a heroic walk from Selma to Montgomery resulting to President Lyndon Johnson signing the voting rights act of 1965.  The FIU Honors College will also present theoretical music work performed by the Core Ensemble trio and an actor in commemoration of the great African American poets.

You can join the charity volunteers who will be participating in the Food Service Distribution. The food will be distributed on a first come first served basis. The State Representative Cynthia Stafford, Commissioner Keon Hardemon, State Senator Dwight among others will champion this event.  Other activities will include FIU hosting a service day with students, faculty, staff and community members. They will participate in the cleanup of debris, painting, restoration of the baseball diamond park pavilions and beautification of MLK Memorial Park and Gwen Park. Other participants include YMCA in beautification projects of both indoor and outdoor of preschool areas. More beautification work will be needed at Easter Seals-Jackson Dade Head Start for Children.


Martin Luther King Jr. day has attracted different activities all in the protection of civil human rights. Most of the activities require volunteers to complete the job. While in Miami you can participate in several activities by making your mobility easy. Some of these events you need to confirm your participation early by making a reservation. Rent a yacht or a boat from Start Point Exotics in the late afternoon getaway to the deep sea as you enjoy the evening breeze. A night away from the mainland will give you relaxation from the day’s fatigue but bring back sweet memories of the soul you made live a better tomorrow.

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