What It Feels Like To Rent A Ferrari California T Convertible

If you love cars like me, you will not be disappointed by the Ferrari California T Convertible. When this Italian beauty first arrived at our Miami Beach headquarters I was not expecting much as I get to drive the rarest and most exotic cars on a daily. However, I was pleasantly surprised. If you are planing to rent a Ferrari convertible in Miami then this article will give you some insight into how the amazing Ferrari California T Convertible is and what you can expect.

This brand new Ferrari model has left many saying that it is not a real Ferrari. The annoying purists subscribe to the school of thought that because the car has a front-powered V8 engine, it does not belong to the sports car class. Funny enough, when you look on paper, you can to some extent, get what they mean. The car is indeed an entry-level class and coupled with it’s front engine; it breaks the Ferrari tradition that is widely associated with offering such engines at the back.

Rent a Ferrari in Miami

The California T might not have the best features when matters related to the engine horsepower and performance are concerned. However, it remains one of the most impressive and exciting cars on the market. Really. So if you are looking to rent an exotic car that does not sacrifice comfort or leg room then we highly recommend you rent the Ferrari California T Convertible while in Miami, FL.

Powerful Acceleration

Owing to it’s 3.9-liter V8 engine, the car can possess a 553 horsepower that is accompanied by a 557 lb worth of torque. If you love high speeds, these figures are not disappointing at all. The car also has an amazingly smooth and quick dual-clutch automatic transmission system that does an amazing zero to 60 in less than 3.5 seconds.

The California T is also not left behind when matters related to cool technology are concerned. Although it can not match other Ferrari models that are high-end, it is no doubt in a class of it’s own when it comes to cars that are in the same price range. It comes accompanied by really cool climate control vents that are in a position to provide information based on different settings. All you need is just tap and get the information.

When you get a chance to drive this car, you will realize that it feels like a true sports car and offers all the features you would term exciting to get the thrill. You will also be amazed that at the price it retails for, you will find such comfort and access to a wide variety of features. Honestly though, it does not match other Ferrari models like the 488, but still, it offers an epic experience.


Like every other car, this particular model has a few drawbacks that it is associated with. First of all, it has rear seats that are considered by many as small. However, it is only the size that is a bit smaller, but when it comes to comfort, they are not compromised. Many also say that it has a a problem with brake lights. When it comes to the engine sound, it a bit loud and the turbo sub-charged engine does not help too much.

However, with all honesty, I think you should head to the nearest Ferrari rental and give it a drive. Well, it will not equal for instance the 488’s in performance, but it will give you an enjoyable experience. Another good thing about it is the fact that if you decide to buy it, you can comfortably drive it daily without getting the attention and questions that those who drive other Ferrari models get. It will provide you with comfort, class, and peace of mind.

Ferrari cars do not disappoint when matters related to delivering top performance are concerned. For instance, the California T HS model has all the features that are associated with a great sports car. Although it is a high-end model, you can easily get a chance to drive it from your nearest Miami Ferrari rental.

Exceptional handling

When it comes to the visual features, this car does not have a lot of difference to other Ferrari models. It has handling that is better, stiffer, more precise and exhilarating when compared to lower versions. It comes accompanied by tighter springs that are 16 percent in the front and 19 percent at the back.

The seven-speed dual clutch transmission is better because it has 30 percent up shifts and 40 percent down shifts. When matters related to weight are concerned, it is no doubt that it feels lighter than lightning. In fact, when you drive it, you will get an experience synonymous to riding down a slipstream into the future.

If you are near a rent a Ferrari California facility, you need to make time for this car’s drive. While behind the wheels, you will easily notice that it feels good and very comfortable. When winding around a bend, you will feel like nothing has happened.

If you love speeds, you will be comfortable with this model because you will not need to fret while braking. In fact, the brakes are tighter than a vice and have record stopping speeds. If you feel like you want to step on the gas pedal for that crazy adrenaline rush, you have got a reliable partner in crime. This model comes accompanied by a V8 engine that is turbo-charged to an amazing 533 horsepower. It can give you amazing speeds without having any lag time.

It has sound that is improved

The V8 engine can roar! In fact, when you walk into your nearest Ferrari rental facility, expect to be jolted back to reality when you start the engine. The California T HS model is louder than most of it’s siblings, and it comes accompanied by square resonators from each side. It can produce amazing exhaust notes that are three times more formidable than the standard California T models. Truth said, the sound is powerful than what many luxury engines produce.

Once you are inside the car, you will not hear the powerful sound. Instead, you will be amazed by the well-amazed interior. When you drive it from the top up, you will enjoy handling it because it is superior to what many sports cars offer regarding comfort and elegance.

This model comes with the same seating arrangement as that of regular models, and it has enough room to accommodate one or two people at the back side. When it comes to the trunk, it is somehow small but not to an extent where you can not pack your bags for a trip.

You will not have to worry about fuel so much because it has an economy of 22 mpg combined. As much as it won’t save the world, it will give you value for fuel expenses when compared to other high-end sport car models.

This specific model has since hitting the market provided what many models have not been able to do. It has provided elegance, class, sophistication, and comfort. If you walk into any rent a Ferrari California shop and ask for it, you will be amazed at the myriad of awesome features it has to improve your comfort and experience.

If you love speed, do not hesitate to get behind the wheel. You will not only experience great feature behind the wheels, but you will also experience a car worth to be called an automobile aficionado. The experience will be worth being referred to as majestic and mighty.

Ready to rent a Convertible Ferrari?

Ferrari cars never disappoint when it comes to amazing features. They are tailored for the classic owner in mind precisely the reason they can be rated among the best cars in the world. With the California T series, you will never be disappointed. In fact, you are most likely to get an experience that exceeds your expectations. To do justice to yourself, do not just sit and read reviews online. Walk into your nearest Start Point Exotics Ferrari rental facility and rent one. Once you do that, you will be able to get the experience first hand.

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