Miami Exotic Car Rental Company
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$1,095.00 per day


Rent a Luxury Car in Miami
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$495.00 per day


Luxury Car Rental in Miami
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$495.00 per day


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$395.00 per day

South Beach Exotic Car Rental – Miami Beach, FL

With a constantly growing list of venues and services brought into existence year by year in this exotic, fast-growing city we call home, Start Point Exotics is on the fast track to becoming Miami and Miami Beach’s go to lifestyle rental service; for all those seeking a touch of luxury for their stay here in Southern Florida’s Gold Coast there is no other choice.

Looking to Rent an Exotic Car in South Beach?

With an ever expanding fleet of only the finest luxury exotic cars for you to choose from (Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW i8, Bugatti, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Mercedes, or Maserati to name a few) as well as some of the most prestigious Villas for you to call home during your stay here, Start Point Exotics can and will provide you with the experience you are seeking. Yes, Start Point Exotics is your connection to the Miami/Palm Beaches Luxury Lifestyle experience. We provide the cars and comforts you need for your stay with our dedicated team of professionals available to you 24/7 for calls, texts, E-mails and to answer any questions you may have concerning your service with us. It is with this type of commitment to customer service combined with our wealth of experience that allows Start Point Exotics to undoubtably be in the fast lane to serving our international clientele with out of this world experiences and unparalleled services.

Chauffeur Services

There is only one thing better than renting a luxury car – renting a luxury car with a chauffeur service. Imagine yourself, picked up with a Rolls Royce Ghose from your house, driven by a professional chauffeur, Dropped off in front Villa Azur, Seaspice, Juvia or any other high end restaurant in Miami.

Most of the cars at Start Point Exotics are booked in advance. Please fill out your reservation information, call or email us as early as possible. This is the only way we can ensure you get the car you want on the date you need it. Please contact us anytime with your reservation information and we will make sure you get the best prices and the best service. We, at Start Point Exotics love to make our clients satisfied so clients will enjoy free delivery and free pick up to make sure you are happy with your rental.

Yacht Charters / Rentals

Fly to Miami in a private jet, stay in a luxurious villa, drive an exotic supercar, and take a yacht to the Bahamas. We are the only south Florida lifestyle company that is available to our client 24/7. Start Point Exotics lifestyle knows there is only one way to provide the best VIP customer service and we do so by standing by our Motto “What you want, when you want it.”

Start Point Exotics customers of South Florida enjoy delivery and drop off service to Miami, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and West Palm Beach. Call, text, or email us for a complimentary quote anytime and get in the drivers seat because high expectations from our members are what drives us to the forefront of excellence and we hope that makes us an easy choice when deciding what to drive while you’re here in America’s own riviera.